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Timber & Art

Cuda Skate Decks currently has access to a range of Aussie timber including Red and Blue Gum. These decks are hand crafted to client specification. My aim is to create a deck to match the personality of each individual while creating a retro feel harking back to the early days of skateboarding. Decks all come concave, front and rear kicks can also be moulded in depending on client riding style and preference.

Each deck is about showing off the timber grain and colour and timber selection will determine ride characteristics, deck weight and flexibility.

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The Selection

The Process

Skateboard Deck Mould

Grading the timber veneer to make the most of the grain and adjust flex.

Graded timber sorted into decks

Each deck stays in the mould for 24 hours

Fresh out of the mould

Shaping to client request

Choose from Gloss or Satin finish

The Art

When you want more than just the natural grain why not commission CSD to get creative with your deck order. Whether it's a full custom design or a theme/image that you have a reference virtually anything is possible. Pricing will be determined by the commission brief.

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