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Art, just because

I'm sure that there's not a single artist in all of art history that hasn't looked upon another artists skill with some degree of envy. I do believe that some are born with a truly amazing gift while others have to work at their skills which are developed over their entire life.

Art has always been something that I was drawn to and my parents will tell you that as a child I was quite happy with a box of pencils and a sketch book. Once I started full time work as a graphic designer the drawing and fine art got put aside and for the best part of two decades my childhood passion was boxed and put on a shelf.

It was my wife that reignited the passion and pulled my box down off the shelf. She loves to travel, we both do, but for Tina it's an intense flame. This love of travel combined with the time to sit and sketch which travel holidays allow has given me a chance to start working on my technique.

Mostly felt pen on A5 cartridge paper, and usually done in a hurry so that I can get a chance to finish before setting off to our next point of call. I've come to quite enjoy these quick ramblings of ink, often they'll be done while sitting in a cafe or during a stroll on the beach, they're no masterpiece but Looking back on them always reminds me of the moment.

A few of these sketches have been handed over to those who had shared the experience with us, I like to think they're on a wall, if not that's okay because for a moment it was appreciated by the recipient.

Following are a few, I hope you like them because for me they're priceless.




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