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Japanese wanderings

A couple of months back we travelled through Japan which afforded me some sketching time. The first came from a coach ride from Tokyo to Takiyama, wasn't a lot to choose from so the cockpit of the coach was as good of a topic as any. The driver and I had some "lost in translation" conversation at the rest stops so at the end of the journey I gave the sketch to him. His was so impressed that he showed it off to the other drivers at the terminus and gave me his packet of sweets.


While in Takiyama we met our friend Tamaki who played tour guide for a couple of days, She's a Gifu local but took us to places that were new to her as well. Shirakawa-Go is a World Heritage listed village in the mountains and sketch location number two. Tamaki now has this sketch.


Hiroshima was on our itinerary and didn't disappoint. During our stay we took the ferry out to Miyajima Island, beautiful vista from the top of the mountain and plenty of sketching options. This is what I chose.


And a random little shrine wedged in a corner on a narrow laneway.


On a side note, my graphic design eye caught a number of random art peices on the street or in the subways, here's a few.


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